It was the Summer of 1980 and I had just graduated from Lublin High School in Poland. For my graduation gift I told my parents that I really wanted a camera for a vacation with some friends. I got the camera, traveled to a few European countries, and shot countless rolls of film. At that moment, my infinite passion for Photography had been born.

I was attending Engineering College when I started work with several cameras (in Germany, Poland, and Spain) and built my journalism style. After years with freelance photography and focus for commercial work and photojournalism, wedding photography become my main interest; to think creatively and work with wedding couples for the best unique style. This is most important for me, and I always remember that - EVERY wedding is different and I try to mix my photojournalism and traditional photography with your personality! I try to create a unique style only for YOU.

I use two high tech Nikon cameras to create unique images for your wedding. With unlimited numbers of shots I can show you the best collection to use for photo books or print, slideshow in HDTV or canvas in frame.

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